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got a new tablet bitches by beanbagbrianna got a new tablet bitches :iconbeanbagbrianna:beanbagbrianna 24 6 Davey Sketches by beanbagbrianna Davey Sketches :iconbeanbagbrianna:beanbagbrianna 9 4 can you not by beanbagbrianna can you not :iconbeanbagbrianna:beanbagbrianna 12 5 Chara by beanbagbrianna Chara :iconbeanbagbrianna:beanbagbrianna 18 3 Glitchtale Frisk by beanbagbrianna Glitchtale Frisk :iconbeanbagbrianna:beanbagbrianna 35 11 no we're just friends by beanbagbrianna no we're just friends :iconbeanbagbrianna:beanbagbrianna 7 3 what a bunch of doofs by beanbagbrianna what a bunch of doofs :iconbeanbagbrianna:beanbagbrianna 10 4 *intense screeching* by beanbagbrianna *intense screeching* :iconbeanbagbrianna:beanbagbrianna 14 6 just doodling by beanbagbrianna just doodling :iconbeanbagbrianna:beanbagbrianna 25 6 wow he's not in a suit, what a rare occurrence by beanbagbrianna wow he's not in a suit, what a rare occurrence :iconbeanbagbrianna:beanbagbrianna 5 4 daddy likes by beanbagbrianna daddy likes :iconbeanbagbrianna:beanbagbrianna 3 1 The Finished Product by beanbagbrianna The Finished Product :iconbeanbagbrianna:beanbagbrianna 10 12 Thimble [GONE EDGY] by beanbagbrianna Thimble [GONE EDGY] :iconbeanbagbrianna:beanbagbrianna 9 11 For a friend by beanbagbrianna For a friend :iconbeanbagbrianna:beanbagbrianna 7 2 finally another YCH [CLOSED] by beanbagbrianna finally another YCH [CLOSED] :iconbeanbagbrianna:beanbagbrianna 8 59 Older Thimble Sketch by beanbagbrianna Older Thimble Sketch :iconbeanbagbrianna:beanbagbrianna 5 2




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Do you think God stays in heaven because he too, lives in fear of what he's created?


got a new tablet bitches
what more is there to say other than I'm out $200

this was originally a traditional drawing I did, just decided to digitalize it while I got used to the new tablet.
I never realized how dependent my mental health was on my digital drawing until my tablet broke. Now that I can't draw anymore my brain is slowly deteriorating I swear haha.
Davey Sketches
Guess I'm sort of re-doing the sketches I did of him before since I think my art has at least improved a small bit since then. Also I'm writing his death scene again from a different point of view and it's making me fall in love with his character again so I couldn't help it. Why do I kill everything I love.

I guess I also drew Whim here. By that I mean I changed Davey's eye color and he became a Dreamcatcher.

David—or Davey—stumbled back. He had no place to go though, so when Patrick began storming towards him, he barely had time to turn around and try and figure out an escape route before Patrick was grabbing him. He lifted him up and hauled Davey over to the river, and Davey struggled and kicked and punched the entire way, but Patrick was determined. Chris knew that Patrick was unstoppable once he put his mind to something.

So they all continued to stare in shock as Patrick threw Davey into the icy cold creek with absolutely no disregard for the boy’s safety. Davey landed roughly on the rocks and his pants were completely soaked. He didn’t even get the chance to stand up before Patrick had splashed over to him. Chris watched in horror as his friend began kicking the small boy in the side, knocking him entirely into the freezing water.

“Stop that!” Victor yelled. “You’re gonna end up killing him!”

Both Victor and Mikey started to run towards Patrick, but Chris knew that would only result in more punches and kicks. So Chris ran forward and decided to try and stop Patrick himself.

His teeth clenched as he felt the freezing water surround his feet and completely fill his socks, but he pressed on. Grabbing Patrick by the shoulders, he yanked him as hard as he could away from Davey.

“Stop it!” Chris yelled. “That’s enough!”

Patrick looked at him with those same hot-cold daggers, but Chris did his best to throw out a glare of his own. And slowly, Patrick’s expression melted with hesitant relaxation.

“You’re insane!” Davey yelled, slowly getting up to his knees. He had one arm wrapped around his torso and he was shivering, chattering teeth and blue lips. Mikey and Victor quickly helped him to his feet and pulled him out of the creek. Chris could no longer feel his feet, so he led himself and Patrick back to shore, a good distance away from Davey and the other boys.

can you not
Eyy, it's a draw your squad thing but with Converged characters. You know, that comic I never fucking work on anymore? Yeah that one. And here are all the characters that either will be or would have been (depending on if I actually finish it or not) in that comic.

Original image:…
I did a colored version but it looks like shiiit .-. 
So enjoy this plain lineart

Undertale belongs to Toby Fox
Me: I want to stay up and draw
Brain: Bitch you have work in the morning
Me: I would like to postpone that suffering
Brain: You've literally had that job for like two hours
Me: Suffering has no limits. Now I shall draw.
Brain: This is why you're a fucking mental disaster.
Glitchtale Frisk
Eh this was originally just going to stay as an open collab on my Glitchtale Amino, but I decided to actually finish the drawing and post it here since I haven't posted in a while. Also I'm pretty proud of it haha. I've been having a really, really hard time mental-health wise these past couple weeks; worse than it's ever been before. Needless to say and to keep a long story short, I ended up in the hospital for about a day and a half. But hey, it's fine, I'm still doing terrible but at least I'm not stuck in a hospital bed now lol.
Sorry I haven't been drawing anything at all lately haha

Got some shit going on mental-health wise and I've been preoccupied


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